Sagar Underground Water Tank


Sagar underground Tanks are meant for underground storage of water. Underground tank saves space above ground and its hidden from the view. The Super sturdy sagar underground tanks, designed in single mold, are impermeable to roots of trees. It is designed to withstand pressure in underground conditions. Our effortlessly installable tanks are made of virgin and food gradable material.

Diameter Height
1000 Ltrs
600 mm
760 mm 1625 mm
300 mm
2000 Ltrs
760 mm
1000 mm
2050 mm
400 mm(2nos)
3000 Ltrs
910 mm
1150 mm
2050 mm 400 mm(2nos)
5000 Ltrs
1050 mm
1250 mm
2050 mm 400 mm(2nos)