Sagar Great Water Tank


This Vertical water storage tank is made of food-grade polyethylene which makes it ideal for water storage. This 2-layer and three-layer tanks comes with an inner layer of blue tone white and an outer black/ blue layer. The outer layer is UV stabilized to mitigate the harmful effects of sun rays and the inner layer is safe to use for potable drinking water. Sagar Great water storage tank is round in shape and medium in weight and is designed to sustain natural weather conditions. The durability of the Sagar Great tank is very reliable as it is built to withstand Indian standard weather conditions.

Diameter Height
300 Ltrs 710 mm 840 mm
400 mm
500 Ltrs
910 mm
930 mm 400 mm

750 Ltrs 985 mm
1100 mm 400 mm
1000 Ltrs
1060 mm
1250 mm 400 mm
1500 Ltrs
1230 mm
1350 mm
400 mm
2000 Ltrs
1350 mm
1500 mm
400 mm
3000 Ltrs
1530 mm
1720 mm
400 mm
5000 Ltrs
1850 mm
2000 mm
400 mm
10000 Ltrs
2072 mm
3200 mm
460 mm